Safetyboss works off shore – in pictures

Since the revolution in 1979, American firms had been restricted from operating in Iran. Except for Safety Boss, all of the blowout control specialists were located in the U.S.  In 1984, when an offshore well in southern Iran blew out of control officials in Iran contacted Mike Miller and asked if Safety Boss could bring the well under control. Miller and a crew of four flew over to the Persian nation and discovered a tall column of gas and condensate spewing high above the jack-up rig. Fortunately, it had not caught fire. Over the course of 13 days, the crew moved the rig out of the way, lowered a 30-ton blowout preventer over the open hole, then bolted it in place and shut off the flow.


In today’s gallery, you will see pictures from offshore work Safety Boss Inc. has performed over the years.





Gallery – Offshore Blowouts


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