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Please enjoy these galleries of images from over the past 60 + years.

Here we are highlighting our well control experience, our industrial services and our training.

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60 Years of Responding – A look back

Safety Boss has responded to more than 800 emergencies during our 60+ years.  This makes for a very large library of images. we would like to spotlight various projects and share with you some of our captivating images and videos.

2017 – Romania Blowout Response

On December 19, 2017 we received the call that a well was out of control in Romania.  We immediately started our deployment and were onsite and assessing the situation in less than 36 hours.

Alberta Blowout

No two blowouts are the same and they all require unique fluid solutions to control them.  Dwight Matson, former Safety Boss firefighter working on this blowout, spoke to us about how this particular wellhead was cleared and capped.

You can read the full interview with Dwight Matson here.

Kuwait 1991 – fire images and stinging the wells

Here we are sharing pictures of the ‘fields of fire’ and “stinging of wells”.

More than half the wells in Kuwait were controlled by stinging. Using a crane, crews jammed the stinger into the wellhead and kept it firmly in place while heavy mud was pumped into the well through a kill line. This overcame the natural pressure in the well bore.

Offshore Blowouts

Since the revolution in 1979, American firms had been restricted from operating in Iran. Except for Safety Boss, all of the blowout control specialists were located in the U.S.  In 1984, when an offshore well in southern Iran blew out of control officials in Iran contacted Mike Miller and asked if Safety Boss could bring the well under control.

For more of the story, click here.

Industrial Leaders

“Safety is a key focus of any project or routine daily tasks, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Safety Boss over the last two years on large facility maintenance turnaround projects as well as smaller routine jobs and they have exceeded expectations every time.”

D Larson, Veresen

The debris of a blowout

This post used videos to show you how the debris on a blowout site is immense and requires precise work to be removed safely.

Here you can view the picture gallery of this same job site.

Tanker Fire

In the gallery featured here we were called to suppress the fire of a tanker truck in central Alberta.

This tanker truck was loaded with flammable fluid and veered off the road hitting a powerline.  With the tank on fire, the local municipal fire truck tried for hours to put it out but was unable to contain the fire. More on the story here.

Northern BC Blowout

This blowout occurred in the Brassy area of north east B.C. It involved several very complicating conditions, extreme heat from 26,000 B/D  of condensate,  a square kelly caught mid point across the drilling table &  a very soft hillside lease in spring runoff conditions.

High Angle Training

High Angle Certification is required for many of our industrial safety jobs and we understand the importance of having well trained and experienced staff.  Here you will find a great gallery of pictures taken during one of our training days.


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This video shows the statistical advantages of our Badick UHP firefighting system on an F-550 wheeled platform … (see more)

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Curtis is Extinguishing! Catherine Butenko is participating in our Fire Extinguisher training.

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Safety Boss hosted and attended a 1051 Wildland Firefighting Training session

A quick glance at our new Badick Series Fire Truck.  See why “Extinguishing with Science” is so important.

Our top 3 “most viewed” videos

Well Capping Operation – Videos and images from a well control in Romania

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Safety Boss fighting a well control in Romania 2017

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Well Control Specialists

Safety Boss takes part in NAIT’s Petroleum Engineering Event

In interview with Mike Miller to discuss the book “A Nightmarish Picture”.

Introducing the name of our new Badick Series Fire Truck.

New Fire Truck teaser

Interview with Mark Badick and Michael Miller to discuss the capping of the last well in Kuwait 25 years earlier.

A walk through a burning rig

Removing the non-burning debris from a well control

Burning debris from a well control

Removing the no-debris from a well control

The burning well head on a well control

An interview with Michael Miller in 1991 about the Kuwait oil fires

A well control in Bangladesh

The short documentary “Kuwait on Fire”

Michael Miller, Safety Boss CEO, gives you a detailed look at how Well Control Specialists tackle a well control.