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Safety Service is our priority and since 1956 it has been our name.

From upstream to downstream, new construction to scheduled maintenance and prevention to response services, we are the International Full Service Industry Leader in safety.

Below you will find descriptions of our multiple service options, technical equipment specifications and the safety professionals we are proud to offer.


From upstream, downstream, new construction, scheduled maintenance, prevention and response - we are the Full Service Industry Leader in safety service.


  • Drilling / Exploration
  • Completion / Fracturing
  • Facility / Processing
  • Turnaround / Maintenance
  • Pipeline / Infrastructure
  • Plant Expansion / Infrastructure
  • Forestry / Pulp and Paper


  • ERP Development
  • Incident Investigation
  • H2S Safety Supervision
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Confined Space Monitor and Rescue
  • Mobile Air Quality Detection
  • Safety Equipment Rentals


We rely on cutting edge equipment to keep your project safe. Below is a list of equipment used by our professional teams and available for rent or purchase. Maintenance and repair service available on or off location.


Breathing Air Trailers

  • High Pressure 4500 PSI System
  • 8 Bottle Cascade
  • 6 SCBA and 2 SABA Standard
  • 1,050 ft Breathing Air Line Standard


  • MSA Breathing Apparatus
  • High Pressure 45 minute SCBA
  • Premaire and Cadet SABA
 Air monitoring service

Air monitoring service
RKI Eagle II

Air monitoring service

 Meshguard System

Portable Gas Detection

  • Honeywell Product Line
  • RKI Product Line
  • RAE Product Line
  • Multiple Gas Configurations Available

Remote / Stand-Alone Gas Detection

  • Wireless RAE MeshGuard System
  • Up to 24 Remote Sensors
  • Solar Panel Capable
  • Multiple Gas Configurations Available
 High Angle Rescue  Confined Space Rescue

High Angle Rescue 

  • Industry Leading Inventory
  • Customized for Project Needs

Confined Space Rescue

  • Industry Leading Inventory
  • Customized for Project Needs
 Air quality monitoring  Sales Service and Maintenance on Rental items

Mobile Air Quality Monitoring Unit

  • Parts Per Billion(ppb) H2S and
    SO2 Detection
  • GPS Tagging System
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • In Vehicle Computer Reporting
    and Data Logging

 Sales, Service and Maintenance

  • Certified Technicians
  • Your Location or Ours
  • Customized Maintenance Plans


We offer a full roster of Safety Professionals available for pre-project planning to project completion. Our industry leading team is prepared to deliver the prevention, detection and response you require.

 Superior Safety Personnel

Superior Safety Personnel

Superior Safety Personnel

Superior Safety Personnel


  • National Construction Safety Officers (NCSO)
  • Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP)
  • Safety Advisors
  • Turnaround/Shutdown Coordinators
  • Project Safety Coordinators
  • H2S Safety Supervisors
  • High Angle Rescue Technicians
  • Confined Space Rescue Technicians
  • Safety/Spark Watch Personnel
  • Gas Detection Personnel
  • Air Quality Technicians
  • Equipment QC Technicians
  • NORMS Detection Personnel
  • Lease Security
  • Road Block Personnel
  • Rover Personnel
  • Safety Administrators
 Superior Safety Personnel

Superior Safety Personnel

Superior Safety PersonnelSuperior Safety Personnel


Offered Services
Well Control – Safety – Fire / Shower – Medical – Occupational Health
Industrial Training – Online Training – International