• Each year 60,000 Canadian Workers are injured in fall accidents.
  • 15% of all “Lost time Injuries” reviewed by WCB are fall accidents
  • 40% of these accidents occur from heights where fall protection measures should have been taken, but were not.

Companies are required to provide fall protection if their workers are at risk of falling.

  • 3 or more meters
  • Less than 3 meters if there is an unusual possibility of hazard
  • Through an open work surface


  • Guardrails for your workers
  • Travel restraint systems
  • Fall Arrest systems
  • Fall Protection systems (edge protections, control zones, safety nets, etc.)

Check your equipment!

Personal fall protection systems such as harnesses can be a lifesaver for those who continually or occasionally work at heights. However, if it isn’t in good shape, you could be putting your life in a risky situation. It is important to inspect your fall protection gear prior to every use.