We are approaching a very important day. A day to remember and reflect.

This is the day to appreciate the men and women who are serving and protecting our country. It is also a day to remember those who went off to war on our behalf, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice in the hopes of keeping Canada strong and free.

Many people will wear a poppy on this day as a way to remember but there are many ways to remember and say thank you.

Veterans Affairs Canada has a wonderful list of different ways we, as a family, community, group or individual, can all do our part to remember and honour those brave men and women.

Some of their suggestions include:


  • Share in an online collaborative space or chat room, in a class driven group discussion about remembrance.


  • Invite a Veteran or a Canadian Armed Forces member as a Guest Speaker to come and speak to your class or community organization.

Watch or Listen



  • Write to the troops, and let your Canadian Armed Forces members know you appreciate their service by sending a message using the Department of National Defence website.

Be Active

  • Wear a poppy.
  • Lay a wreath at the cenotaph with classmates and friends.


  • Research the story of a family member, friend, alumni from your school or member of your community who served Canada in wartime or peacetime. If they died in service, you may wish to search for them on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.


  • Prepare a menu, a cookbook or a meal-plan based on wartime rations. What was substituted for rationed items such as sugar? Sell the cookbook to raise funds for another school project.


Sources: Veteran Affairs Canada