This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Kuwait Oil Field Fires.

Netflix is featuring a documentary created by renown director Werner Herzog in 1992.

imageswithlogos2“Lessons of Darkness (German: Lektionen in Finsternis) is a 1992 film by director Werner Herzog. Shot in documentary style on 16mm film from the perspective of an almost alien observer, the film is an exploration of the ravaged oil fields of post-Gulf War Kuwait, decontextualized and characterized in such a way as to emphasise the terrain’s cataclysmic strangeness. An effective companion to his earlier film Fata Morgana, Herzog again perceives the desert as a landscape with its own voice.”  Wikipedia

The film won “Grand Prix” at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

The Los Angeles Times end of year review for 1992 recognized the film as “the year’s most memorable documentary”, describing it as “Herzog’s apocalyptic, ultimately ironic view of the Gulf War”.

Safety Boss footage in this documentary can be viewed at 28:33 and the film can also be found on YouTube.