Summer Boating Safety Reminder

Summer Boating Safety Reminder

It may be the end of July, but it seems as though temperatures across the country are only just heating up for the summer. As always, we encourage a healthy dose of safety to go with your summer fun, so before you head out on the water, use our handy checklist to ensure boating safety:


  1. Does someone at home or in your community know where you are going? Do they know when you expect to return?
  2. Do you know where you’re going? How familiar are you with the area? Are there landmarks and local hazards you should be aware of?
  3. Have you checked the weather forecast – including temperature, wind, and wave height?
  4. Are you packing and dressing according to the forecast?
  5. How long is your trip? Have you packed enough supplies to last you the duration? Have you packed emergency supplies, just in case?
  6. How many people are going with you? Do they know how to swim?
  7. Do you have enough personal flotation devices (PFDs / lifejackets) for everyone on board? Does it fit them properly?
  8. Is everyone on board wearing a PFD at all times? In an emergency, you may not have time to put one on.
  9. Do you know where the extra PFDs are stored on the boat? Do you have other safety equipment, such as paddles, a whistle/horn, rope, and a bailer? Do you know how to use the safety equipment you have?
  10. Do you know how to operate your boat? Have you given it a thorough inspection to ensure it is in proper working order?
  11. Do you have extra fuel, a spare battery, and a backup motor for your boat?
  12. Do you have a means of communication (satellite phone or a marine radio)? It is best to keep the satellite phone on your person at all times. In an emergency, you may not have time to find it.

Thanks to Worker’s Safety and Compensation Commission for this great reminder!


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