Shutdown, maintenance, and turnaround safety services are just a phone call away. Safety Boss has the complete package for your safety, medical and fire and much more. 

We work with you to help keep you on budget and identify where you can save money. Call today to take advantage of our pre-job assessment FREE of charge. 

Make one phone call and let us do the rest.


industrial turnaround safety service

Our trained professionals will discuss and assist with all aspects of your project planning needs.

  • Specific Site Requirements / Site Orientation
  • Specific Job Procedures / Scope of Work
  • Safety Meetings & Required Documentation
  • Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Requirements
  • Personnel & Equipment Requirements
  • High Angle & Confined Space Rescue Requirements and Planning
  • Establish Level of Medical Care Required

No matter the size of the job, all of these planning points are completed at NO COST to you.

Let us assist you in completing these tasks, allowing you to focus on the time and personnel required to execute your turnaround with zero incidents.

Safety Boss Inc. has more than 65 years of experience in safety.




  • ERP Development
  • Incident Investigation
  • Safety Advisors
  • H2S Safety Supervision
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Confined Space Monitor and Rescue
  • Mobile Air Quality Detection
  • Safety Equipment Rentals
turnaround safety Team


  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Fit and Audio Testing
  • Safety Advisors
  • Safety Supervision
  • NCSO Consulting
  • Confined Space Monitoring
  • Industrial Training Courses
  • Rescue Plan Development
  • ERP Planning


  • Personal Gas Detection
  • Remote Gas Monitoring
  • NORMS Surveying
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Mobile Air Quality Monitoring
  • Benzene Detection
  • Mercury Detection
  • Noise Surveying


  • Breathing Air Units
  • Standby Fire Protection
  • Emergency Fire Response
  • Mobile Shower Units
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Standby Medical Protection
  • Emergency Medical Response


We rely on cutting edge equipment to keep your project safe. Below is a list of equipment used by our professional teams and available for rent or purchase. Maintenance and repair service available on or off location.

Breathing Air Trailers

  • High Pressure 4500 PSI System
  • 8 Bottle Cascade
  • 6 SCBA and 2 SABA Standard
  • 1,050 ft Breathing Air Line Standard
H2S Breathing Air Trailer Package


  • MSA Breathing Apparatus
  • High Pressure 45 minute SCBA
  • Premaire and Cadet SABA
SCBA SABA service equipment

Portable Gas Detection

  • Honeywell Product Line
  • RKI Product Line
  • RAE Product Line
  • Multiple Gas Configurations Available
Honeywell Gas Monitors
RKI Eagle II
RKI Eagle II
RAE Benzene Monitor

Remote / Stand-Alone Gas Detection

  • Wireless RAE MeshGuard System
  • Up to 24 Remote Sensors
  • Solar Panel Capable
  • Multiple Gas Configurations Available
RAE Meshguard

High Angle Rescue 

  • Industry Leading Inventory
  • Customized for Project Needs
High Angle Kit

Confined Space Rescue

  • Industry Leading Inventory
  • Customized for Project Needs


We offer a full roster of Safety Professionals available for pre-project planning to project completion. Our industry leading team is prepared to deliver the prevention, detection and response you require.

Safety Team wearing equipment
Industrial Safety Team
  • National Construction Safety Officers (NCSO)
  • Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP)
  • Safety Advisors
  • Turnaround/Shutdown Coordinators
  • Project Safety Coordinators
  • H2S Safety Supervisors
  • High Angle Rescue Technicians
  • Confined Space Rescue Technicians
  • Safety/Spark Watch Personnel
  • Gas Detection Personnel
  • Air Quality Technicians
  • Equipment QC Technicians
  • NORMS Detection Personnel
  • Lease Security
  • Road Block Personnel
  • Rover Personnel
  • Safety Administrators
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