Mike Martel has been a great addition to our team since 2009 and here is the short story behind the man in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

From the age of sixteen, Mike Martel spent ten years obtaining creditable and practical experiences working with the local community as a volunteer firefighter. This was his passion and eventually became a career choice for Mike in 2000 as he pursued industrial opportunities in the private sector of the oil and gas industry. Mike utilized his experiences as an industrial standby firefighter and, to become more diversified to industry requirements, eventually became a registered emergency medical responder.  Over the next decade Mike became very competent providing standby fire, medical and industrial safety for plant shutdown services between CSE Rescue and leadership roles. Mike joined the Safety Boss team in 2009 in the Medicine Hat region as an experienced industrial firefighter, safety specialist and registered EMR. It was through these experiences and positive feedback from peers that led to Mike’s promotion as our Medicine Hat Station Manager in 2011.

Based on previous experiences and availability as a manager, Mike has also joined our emergency response team as a first line responder in the event of an industry situation. Just recently, we responded to the Fort McMurray area to conduct asset protection services on the private sector during the wild fires Alberta was experiencing in May. Mike Martel was selected as our fire chief and oversaw a crew of 25 firefighters and 4 fire trucks over a 16 day period. Mike and his team strategically set up our equipment around the prioritized assets and pumped over 2.7 million gallons of water creating water blankets to protect the identified assets from flying or burning debris. This was a huge opportunity for Safety Boss to showcase our 3000 GPM pumps, promote our expertise and walk away incident free with a satisfied customer. Couldn’t have been completed successfully without Mike’s expertise and leadership skills to engage the team during this project.

Mike has been great to work with and it has been absolutely rewarding to witness his growth in becoming a great leader within our organization. Mike is a manager that takes great pride in his work and through his leadership methods, he demonstrates to his team how and why we need to conduct ourselves in business. It is about quality and Mike’s attention to detail makes him a huge asset for our team moving forward. Mike has gained respect from his peers.

We appreciate having you as part of our team Mike and hope to see you here ten years from now.