1235493_10156663847885542_3923737263154899935_n2For the last 5 years Jamie Orr has remained dedicated and loyal to Safety Boss providing ALS services for a long term customer. His attention to detail shines through as he focuses on his daily routines and job performance.


Jamie started with Safety Boss on Feb 4, 2011 as a Paramedic on a project in central Alberta for an industry leading industrial construction company. He has been through the ups and downs of a number of changes on the site which eventually led to his position changing from Paramedic to EMT. Jamie has stayed committed to the project and shows nothing but dedication to the client and to Safety Boss.


Thank you Jamie for being an employee we are truly proud of. Your professionalism and consistency is one of the reasons why Safety Boss has retained this project for so many years. You are a valuable member of the Safety Boss team and we look forward to many more years with you on the team.