Safety Boss Inc. is a safety service company.

We are called to offer safety services and emergency services in numerous situations in all types of industries. In the gallery featured here, we were called to suppress the fire of a tanker truck in central Alberta.

This tanker truck was loaded with flammable fluid and veered off the road hitting a powerline.  With the tank on fire, the local municipal fire truck tried for hours to put it out but was unable to contain the fire.

Safety Boss Inc. and our Smokey series fire truck was called in to help.  Within 20 minutes the Safety Boss crew had suppressed the fire with the use of firefighting foam.  The Safety Boss crew stayed on scene to help control flare-ups as the municipal fire fighters contained the local damage.

Smokey II Fire Truck

Smokey II Fire TruckThe Smokey series mobile firefighting units, developed in Canada by Safety Boss, are special designed for fighting flammable fluid fires. Safety Boss also pioneered the use of dry chemicals in fighting major oil field fires.

Safety Boss Inc. offers comprehensive prevention, detection and response services for all industries subject to occupational health and safety regulations.

With over 60 years of experience, we can service  your project as early as the planning stage and will keep you safe to job completion.

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