At Safety Boss we care about our employees and their mental health.  Healthy employees work safer and happier.

Our employees receive access to assistance programs that allows them to receive professional advice and counseling for no charge.  We uphold policies for hours of service, anti-harassment, drug misuse and anti-discrimination among others to create a safe work environment for our employees.

We maintain that our most valuable asset is our employees and we are diligent to keep them healthy on and off the job site.

Workplaces have traditionally looked at workplace health from a strictly occupational health and safety perspective. To have a complete or comprehensive approach, workplaces should also consider measures that may impact the mental health of worker.

Thirteen psychosocial risk (PSR) factors have been identified by researchers at Simon Fraser University “based on extensive research and review of empirical data from national and international best practices. The factors were also determined based on existing and emerging Canadian case law and legislation.”

The 13 organizational factors that impact organizational health, the health of individual employees and the financial bottom line, including the way work is carried out and the context in which work occurs, are:

  1. Psychological Support
  2. Organizational Culture
  3. Clear Leadership & Expectations
  4. Civility & Respect
  5. Psychological Competencies & Requirements
  6. Growth & Development
  7. Recognition & Reward
  8. Involvement & Influence
  9. Workload Management
  10. Engagement
  11. Balance
  12. Psychological Protection
  13. Protection of Physical Safety

Along with the 13 PSRs listed above there are several other key issues in the workplace that affect employee mental health. Within each issue are various factors that organizations need to consider in their efforts to create a mentally healthy workplace.

  • Stigma and Discrimination
  • Stress
  • Demand/control and effort/reward relationships
  • Presenteeism
  • Job Burnout
  • Harassment, Violence, Bullying
  • Substance Use, Misuse and Abuse at Work