Indigenous Relations Policy


Safety Boss conducts business near many Indigenous communities across Canada. Our Indigenous Relations Policy must be flexible to address the legal, social, and economic realities of Indigenous communities across Canada.

We prioritize our relations with the local communities and strive to maintain and grow these relations each day.

  • Respect the diversity of Indigenous cultures
  • Work together with Indigenous communities
  • Strive to create employment opportunities
  • Support learning opportunities
  • Respect the legal and Constitutional rights
  • Understanding of the history and cultures

Meaningful Engagement with Indigenous Peoples

We conduct our business in a manner that is respectful of Indigenous Communities and Peoples, taking into consideration their rights, interests and concerns. We are committed to creating a respectful and constructive working relationship.

Alexander First Nations Career Fair

Career Development Fair

We were invited to spent the day at an Indigenous Community participating in their Youth Career Development Fair. We had a wonderful time speaking with the attendees and showing off our new Badick Series fire truck. The children and community members were among the first people to get a tour of our new Ultra-High Pressure Fire Truck.

Despite the freezing rain and very slick conditions, everyone was impressed by the new innovation and technology in the fire truck.

Nelson Hertz, Safety Boss’ Well Control Crew Chief, enjoyed showing all the truck’s new features to the community members and visitors.

The following principles guide our actions and this policy:

  • Respect the diversity of Indigenous cultures, recognize the importance of the land and cultivate relationships based on trust and respect;
  • Work together with Indigenous communities to identify impacts of company activities on the community’s values and needs in order to find mutually acceptable solutions and benefits;
  • Strive to create short and long-term employment opportunities for Indigenous people impacted by our activities;
  • Support learning opportunities for Indigenous people to provide a well-trained source of Indigenous employees and to build capacity within their communities;
  • Respect the legal and Constitutional rights of Indigenous people and recognize that our relationships with Indigenous people are separate and different from that of the Crown;
  • Foster an understanding of the history and culture of Indigenous people among Safety Boss’ employees and contractors, in order to create better relationships between Safety Boss and Indigenous;
  • Respect traditional practices, decision-making processes, cultural activities, and language.

We conduct business both domestically and internationally. We pride ourselves on addressing the diverse legal, social and economic realities of working collaboratively with local Indigenous communities.

Crossing a river

Safety Boss team used high angle rigs to move equipment up a hill and ensure we do not disturb the local creek or any nature in the process.

Delivering, training and testing a custom built fire truck with Louis Bull Tribe

Safety Boss is proud of the working relationship we have with Louis Bull Tribe and is excited to be a part of this project.  We have enjoyed working with the Community’s Leadership team, Melanie Daniels, Consultation and Lands Manager, Francis Lynch, Louis Bull Tribe Fire Chief, and their hard-working Fire Suppression team to design, the first of its kind, custom water tanker/ultra-high pressure fire truck.

The community organized a welcome and introduction of their new truck. We spent the day in training, sharing a delicious meal of stew and bannock followed by a controlled live burn of a structure putting the day’s learnings to use and the new fire apparatus through its paces.

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