We have seats available for the following training dates.  If you are interested in joining the training courses, please contact Emily @ ehopkins@safetyboss.com for further information.

  Fall Protection – 7 hour day course Elevated Work Platform – 7 hour day course
When working from permanent work surfaces, fall protection is required when the distance to the next lower level exceeds 1.2m (3 ft.).

  • Be fully conversant with protection system.
  • Ensure you know capabilities of Fall Protection Equipment.
  • Ensure barricades, ribbons and signs identify restricted areas.
  • Ensure you understand the procedures for rescue of workers who may be unable to rescue themselves from an elevated work area.
  • Ensure you know your anchor points.
  • Ensure you do not wrap the lanyards and/or rope around beams, girders, pipes, etc.
  • Utilize buddy system and continually check each other’s harness and D ring to ensure that the harness is not too lose and or the D ring has not slipped down the back.
  • Aerial Platform Fundamentals
  • Hazard Identification
  • Manual & Powered Vertical Aerial Platforms
  • Machine Stability & Characteristics
  • Preventative Maintenance & Procedures
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Machine Orientation & Safe Operation
  • Proper Start Up & Shut Down Protocol
  • Steering Controls
  • Operating Envelope & Range of Motion
  • Emergency Controls
  • Safe Dismounting
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