Starting October 17, 2018 it is now legal for Canadians to use cannabis recreationally.

What will this mean to our current approach in managing workplace safety hazards and risks associated with alcohol and drug use? Very little, it’s all about fitness for work and managing risk in the workplace. Safety Boss will continue to be vigilant in ensuring the ongoing safety of our people and the public with a zero tolerance approach.

In a safety-sensitive industry like ours, working while impaired puts the person using cannabis, their co-workers, the public, and the environment at risk. Safety Boss will continue to require all workers to report for work fit for duty and remain fit for duty over the course of their shift. Workers in safety-sensitive positions will continue to be required to pass an alcohol and drug test prior to taking on such roles. Work locations that have been designated as safety sensitive will require all workers to pass the required testing. We will continue to use alcohol and drug testing for reasonable cause, pre-access/random (client based) and post-incident investigations.

The Safety Boss Alcohol and Drug Policy is directed at protecting the health and safety of employees, co-workers, contractors, general public and environment. The policy applies to all divisions, employees, contractors, day rate positions and management. As a condition of employment each employee must abide by the program.

We have an extensive list of company rules, which are in line with our major clients, to ensure compliance while our workers are on site and we are minimizing the risk in our workplaces.

For more or if you have questions please contact our HSE department at: (780) 400-0690