5 important safety stories you may have missed

5 important safety stories you may have missed

This list of tips will help any small business become compliant with OHS regulations and help increase the safety for your workers. 

Is your organization suffering from audit fatigue?Whether you are participating in one of these programs or auditing outside a recognition program, there are significant consequences for passing or failing an audit. Therefore, it is important that every auditing company strive to get the most value and benefit from their system audit investment. The following five tips can help ensure you get a better return on your safety system assessment investment.

Testing for impairment from cannabis is no “magic bullet”. Rather, effective oversight, worker supervision and having an impairment-management program are key to navigating the post-legal-weed world. This was the message that Tom Brocklehurst, director of prevention practices and quality with WorkSafeBC in Richmond, Brit­ish Columbia, delivered during a session at the 2019 West­ern Conference on Safety in Vancouver.

Safety is a core value. It requires a personal commitment at all levels in the organization.

Fatigue is pervasive in our modern societies, which also rely heavily on 24/7 industries like transportation. Fatigue that is caused by insufficient quantity or quality of sleep degrades aspects of human performance in ways that may lead to accidents. In the transportation industry, fatigue is even more likely because of challenges to the human body’s “circadian” (daily) rhythm caused by shiftwork and travel across time zones.

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