A 2016 study showed there were more than 2.500 homeless veterans living in Calgary. 

A village of 15 37-square-feet self-contained tiny homes was announced August 27th.  

Is your leadership sensitive enough to keep your employees engaged? 

This article talks about how you can lead and guide your staff without causing them to shut-down and shut-up!

Many retail giants are currently working on alternative receipt options in light of studies being done of thermal paper.

The BPA coating found on thermal paper is potentially harmful when touch. 

“BPA is a hormone-disrupting chemical that can interfere with the critical function of hormones in the human body and has been found to damage fertility, harm the fetus, and cause adverse health outcomes, including cancers of the breast and prostate, diabetes, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.”

No one should have to experience workplace violence. 

Watch this 3 minute video to understand what constitutes workplace violence and tips to play your part in reducing workplace violence. 

Firefighting, oil and gas, and recycling are just some industries that must take note

You may want to think twice about taking your contaminated PPE home to be cleaned.

“When proper decontamination is not carried out, contaminants can permeate protective clothing, respiratory equipment, tools and any other equipment on-site.”