Our mobile services provide Occupational Health testing directly on your site. We maintain client privacy and medical confidentiality. We customize all of our mobile services to your program requirements.

Our mobile services provide occupational health testing directly on your site, or ours.  A “One- Stop-Shop” for your Occupational testing needs.

The Mobile Occupational Health Services we offer include:

Mask Fit TestingAudio TestingDrug and Alcohol Testing
Self contained breathing apparatus on a white backgroundHearing Test
Fit testing must be done when: 

  • The respirator is first issued 
  • At least every two years if there is no change in the respirator or wearer 
  • If there is a change in the type, style, brand or size of respirator 
  • If there is a change to the wearer’s physical condition that could affect respirator fit.
 The employer is responsible for

  • Identifying noise-exposed workers
  • Ensuring that noise-exposed workers have hearing tests conducted by an audiometric technician
  • Paying the costs associated with a hearing test
  • Keeping a log book containing audiometer calibration data
  • Keeping a record of whether the hearing test was done (but not a copy of the actual hearing test)
When to use a Drug & Alcohol test

  • Pre-employment testing: Identify candidates who could pose a risk in safety-sensitive work environments.
  • Pre-access testing: Identify people who could pose a risk in safety-sensitive work environments before giving them access to the work site.
  • Post-incident/post-accident testing: Determine the possible contributing factors of a workplace incident and work to prevent future incidents.
  • Reasonable cause: Objectively evaluate possible factors when there are visible signs and symptoms of substance use impacting workplace safety.
  • Random drug and alcohol testing – based on your internal drug and alcohol program: Deter substance use and enhance safety policy compliance by testing a random sample of the workforce.
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