Mr. Don Boucher has spent over 5 years working with Safety Boss Inc. Coming to us with over 10 years’ experience he was a great addition to our team.

During his career he has been able to expand his expertise from an EMT and an H2S supervisor to fire fighting and emergency well control responder.

Over the years Don continued to work in the medical, breathing air and firefighting sides of our service industry and in 2011 he was rewarded with the opportunity of an assistant management position. Moving into management was something he had always wanted to experience, and being a family man this allowed him to be around home more.

Don is constantly trying to learn more about the industry and expand his knowledge so when he was ready to branch out again there was a new role ready for him at Safety Boss Inc. The mix of in field practical training and mentoring while still being able to respond to the emergencies that may come up meant that the “Field Supervisor” role was a perfect fit.

Since 2014 Don has been our frontline leader in the training and quality control of our field service divisions. From the people that are just starting with our company to the guys with just as much experience as him, he works to make sure we are delivering on our promises to both our Safety Boss team mates and our customers.

We wouldn’t be who we are as a company without gentlemen such as Mr. Boucher. If you are working with us or we’re working for you say hi to Don next time he’s on your site.