In March 2016 Safety Boss Inc. hosted a two day leadership seminar facilitated by Kelly Leadership & Safety Culture Ltd for our management team.


Even during these difficult times we understand that leadership is an important factor for making an organization successful. We continue to invest in our people and believe they are our best and most valuable resource. Keeping our personnel motivated and educated ensures that we are operating efficiently and effectively and allows us to maintain exceptional customer service.


The number one reason for hosting this Leadership Training Program was to bring our team together, promote face time among one another and reinforce that commitment, focus and working together is our goal during these difficult economic times.


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It was a great experience for all levels of our team creating closer bonds, working on new skills together and witnessing the morale of the team.


Through this training, we released our new Company Vision, Company’s Mission and the team created our Core Values.


Money well spent during slow times.


“We at Safety Boss Inc. are very pleased with the decision to utilize Grant Kelly and company to facilitate a Leadership Development Training Program for our team. The course material was outstanding and delivered by a professional with a great demeanor and 40 years of oil & gas experiences which helped connect with our team. Safety Boss has already committed to future and continued training for our team and will fully endorse Grant Kelly and his services to facilitate Leadership Development & Coaching programs.”
— Mark Brown, President, Safety Boss Inc.