February’s image is celebrating the change in logos over the past 60 years.


Established in 1956, the original logo spoke mostly to the oilfield and can still be found on a couple of our original trucks.


In the 80’s, the logo was changed to the ‘burning rig’ and became world famous as Safety Boss Inc. fought the Kuwait fires and many other’s world wide, on and off shore.


SB_logo_vert-PMS-white-outlineThe newest logo represents the company as a whole.  We are not only oilfield fire fighters, we are a full service safety company offering services in all industries subject to occupational health and safety regulations.


We provide dedicated and highly-trained safety personnel to meet or exceed industry standards.  Our personnel complete additional in-house training that can also be customized to include your site specific requirements.


We have staff and equipment that specialize in fire, medical and safety services.  We offer training, rentals, fit and audio testing as well as drug and alcohol testing.


Safety Boss Inc. can provide all the safety services your company requires from pre-project planning and  onsite support to emergency response.