25th Anniversary of The Kuwait Oil Well Fires

In this photo you can see the Smokey Firetruck using the overhead turret to control the immense ground fires that existed in the Kuwait Fires Project. There were huge oil lakes burning all over the oilfields, many covered several square kilometers. They burned continually as the changing wind drove the flame front ahead of it. Safety Boss built huge foam machines on tracks to extinguish them. In this picture the Smokey Firetruck has to get the ground fires out before we can work on the nearby wellhead. We cannot put out the wellhead fire with the possibility of the ground fire re-igniting. The 3 Smokey Firetrucks were faultless, they pumped 10s of millions of gallons of water and hundreds of drums of foam without a single hour of downtime.

The inset picture is one of the few “smaller” and simpler Kuwait wells. We were able the get close in with a truck mounted turret. Once water protection is in place we can move in with the big dry chemical units to extinguish this fire.