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Fall Protection and Elevated Work Platform Training Courses

Fall Protection and Elevated Work Platform Training

We have seats available for the following training dates.  If you are interested in joining the training courses, please contact Emily @ for further information.

  Fall Protection – 7 hour day course  Elevated Work Platform – 7 hour day course
When working from permanent work surfaces, fall protection is required when the distance to the next lower level exceeds 1.2m (3 ft.).

  • Be fully conversant with protection system.
  • Ensure you know capabilities of Fall Protection Equipment.
  • Ensure barricades, ribbons and signs identify restricted areas.
  • Ensure you understand the procedures for rescue of workers who may be unable to rescue themselves from an elevated work area.
  • Ensure you know your anchor points.
  • Ensure you do not wrap the lanyards and/or rope around beams, girders, pipes, etc.
  • Utilize buddy system and continually check each other’s harness and D ring to ensure that the harness is not too lose and or the D ring has not slipped down the back.
  • Aerial Platform Fundamentals
  • Hazard Identification
  • Manual & Powered Vertical Aerial Platforms
  • Machine Stability & Characteristics
  • Preventative Maintenance & Procedures
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Machine Orientation & Safe Operation
  • Proper Start Up & Shut Down Protocol
  • Steering Controls
  • Operating Envelope & Range of Motion
  • Emergency Controls
  • Safe Dismounting
 April 5, 2018  April 6, 2018
 April 12, 2018  April 13, 2018
 April 19, 2018 April 20, 2018


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